The Bob Chaloupka Trial Skills Seminar

Since 2012, the lawyers of Chaloupka Holyoke Snyder Chaloupka & Longoria have presented a uniquely inspirational, and emotionally connective, continuing legal education program in honor of its founder, Bob Chaloupka.  The Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar is designed to teach, motivate and honor brave service to clients in the courtroom – whether in personal injury, criminal, family law, property law or other areas of practice that summon lawyers’ courage in court.  And, in true homage to Bob Chaloupka, the Seminar gives lawyers who care about serving their clients an opportunity for fellowship and togetherness, setting aside differences to learn from one another (and to raise a glass together at the cocktail hour).

Our speakers have come from around Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and South Dakota; but also from Alaska to Miami.  Our speakers have included three federal judges as well as an innocent man, exonerated after 24 years in prison on a wrongful conviction.  Both civil defense and civil plaintiffs’ lawyers have presented at the Bob Chaloupka Seminar, alongside some of the bravest criminal lawyers in the United States.  The common theme is what ties speakers to Bob’s legacy:  hope; vision; creativity, bravery even when one is afraid, and service to the client above all else.

This program gives western Nebraska lawyers an opportunity for affordable local CLE.  At the same time, each year’s diverse panel of speakers gives lawyers from around the state and beyond a reason to travel to Scottsbluff from around the United States.  We hope that the Bob Chaloupka Kick Ass Trial Skills Seminar will always honor Bob’s model for what a trial lawyer should be:  brave in the face of fear, creative in the boundaries of ethics, and oriented to service to the clients and our system of Justice.


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Past Faculty 


Criminal defense legend Pamela Mackey, of the Denver law firm of Haddon Morgan & Foreman


Houston trial lawyer Ron Estefan, of The Estefan Law Firm


Trial lawyer Joseph George, Jr. of Sacramento, California


Death penalty defender Terry Lenamon of Miami, Florida

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United States District Judge Joseph Bataillon of Omaha, Nebraska.


Medical negligence attorney Connie Henderson of the Henderson Taylor Law Firm in Vancouver, Washington

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Trial lawyer Sean Brown, of Alaska and Colorado.


Jonesboro, Arkansas trial lawyer Paul Ford


Trial lawyer Jeff Larrimore of Lempster, New Hampshire


Pastor Darryl Burton, exonerated from prison after 24 years of a life sentence, urges listeners to fight for their clients.


Civil rights legend Milton Grimes of Los Angeles, teaches the importance of storytelling in opening statements.


Fort Collins attorney Tom Metier speaks about the importance of truly hearing our jurors.

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Scottsbluff attorney Steve Olsen shares what jury service taught him about powerful communication in trial.


Texas trial lawyer John Sloan teaches seminar attendees how to tell the story of a traumatic brain injury


Lincoln, Nebraska criminal defense attorney Carlos Monzon shares his methods for effective final arguments.


United States District Judge Mark Bennett of Sioux City, Iowa speaks on the qualities of an excellent and ethical trial lawyer.


Colorado Springs attorney Jeffrey Hill speaks on "Commandments Of Credibility.


University of Missouri-Kansas City trial advocacy professor and trial lawyer Rafe Foreman teaches voir dire methods.


Missouri death penalty defender and civil rights attorney Cyndy Short speaks on "Serving the Traumatized Client."


Kentucky lawyer Frank Mungo teaches seminar attendees about the science of fire and arson investigations.


Casper, WY defense lawyer Scott Ortiz instructs on helpful courtroom technology and visual presentations."



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301 West Highway 26
Scottsbluff, Nebraska