Maren Lynn Chaloupka

Maren Lynn Chaloupka

Maren Lynn Chaloupka is a trial lawyer, serving clients in both civil and criminal cases.  In civil cases, Maren represents people whose constitutional rights have been violated; who have been seriously injured; and who have lost loved ones, as the result of governmental abuses and negligence.  She also represents victims of sexual assault, dangerous premises, intentional acts and professional negligence. Maren also represents persons charged with serious offenses, up to and including sex crimes and homicide. She handles civil and criminal appeals.

She began working for her beloved father, trial lawyer Robert Chaloupka, when she was 11 years old, and joined her father’s practice full-time in 1998. Maren was blessed by his mentoring, inspiration and friendship until his death in 2009. Bob’s practice and his life set the standard for courage, for not giving up, and for providing dignity and hope to persons broken by grief and despair.

Maren grew up in Scottsbluff and has lived there for most of her life, although her law practice now covers the State of Nebraska and beyond. After earning her law degree from Emory University in 1995, she served as a judicial clerk to Chief Justice C. Thomas White of the Nebraska Supreme Court. She began practicing law after her clerkship ended in 1996. Since that time, Maren has maintained an active trial and appeal practice. She has tried sixty-six civil rights, personal injury and criminal cases since 1997 and has briefed and argued over seventy appeals in the state and federal appellate courts. Maren works with paralegal Riley Platt, who matches Maren’s aggressive and creative commitment to their clients.

Maren’s stock in trade has become unusual cases with cutting-edge legal issues and challenging facts.  Some of the areas of Maren’s civil rights practice include wrongful arrest, prosecution and conviction; failure of jails and prisons to provide constitutionally-required health care and mental health care (including to suicidal inmates); and First Amendment violations.  Maren also serves victims of sexual assault against employers of sexual perpetrators and the owners of dangerous premises; victims of professional negligence; and victims of governmental torts who face sovereign immunity defenses. In criminal litigation, Maren serves clients who want to fight for their future, and who face charges from misdemeanors to sex crimes to homicide.  She has also testified before the Nebraska legislature on issues of interest to her clients.

In 1999, Maren attended Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, then a 31-day intensive trial school near Dubois, Wyoming. She was invited to join the faculty of Trial Lawyers College in 2000 and has taught at Trial Lawyers College and its related seminars since then.  She now serves on the Board of Directors for Trial Lawyers College.

Maren is a volunteer for Theatre West Summer Repertory and has played the piano for several of its productions.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the Riverside Discovery Center, and on the Session of the First Presbyterian Church in Scottsbluff.  She also plays the piano for the Chuckwagon Mission Church. In her “spare” time, Maren administers amateur behavioral therapy for her oversize mostly-Great Pyrenees and her murderous assassin of a cat.

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